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CPU: Intel Pentium III 733 MHz
Graphics Processor: 250Mhz custom-designed chip,
Total Memory: 64MB
Memory Bandwidth: 6.4GB/sec
Polygon Performance: 125 M/sec
Simultaneous Textures: 4
Pixel Fill Rate: 4.0 G/Sec
Compressed Textures: Yes (6:1)
Storage Medium:
2-5x DVD,
8Gb Hard Drive
8MB Memory card
I/O: Game controller x4 Ethernet (10/100)
Audio Channels: 256
3D Audio Support: Yes (64 3D channels)
MIDI+DLS Support: Yes
Hardware audio : Yes
Broadband enabled: Yes
DVD Movie playback: Remote control accessory required
HDTV Movie support: Yes
HDTV Game support: Yes
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
US Launch Date: Sep/Oct 2001