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Microsoft X-Box
X-Box Launch and Price


X-Box Launch and Price
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Launch Date:

Despite some reports, Xbox is on track for killer launches in the US and Japan this fall and Europe in spring 2002. While there is a known trademark issue which needs to be resolved, Microsoft wants to assure Xbox fan community that the company is still on schedule to ship later in the year.


The New York Times is reporting that the Xbox will have a price tag of $400. The article mainly is focused on Flextronics, the company Microsoft has contracted to manufacture the XBOX. With two new plants in Mexico, and the other in Hungary for a total of 16 assembly lines that collectively could churn out over 2 million XBOX units this year alone. Although the price tag is not official, Microsoft is most likely sell the console for less, loosing money on the hardware and recoup their costs through game royalties and other avenues. in order to compete with PS2 and GameCube.