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Good Computer Specs


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This is the page that is dedicated to the best parts that money can buy. There will be a description, and a picture of the certain part. If you have found a better product then let me know and I will review and most likely put it on here. If you have the specs on your computer and I will most likely put it one the GUEST COMPUTER SPECS HOMEPAGE FOR ONE WEEK and I will put a pole there and the guests will see whether it is good or not.

Greg's New PC


This is my friends new computer:
Processor: AMD Thunderbird 900MHZ $273.00
Motherboard: Abit KT7 $273.00
Hard-Drive: Maxtor 15.5g His old one
Case: Black Hydraulyic $151.00
Keyboard:Black IBM wireless $60.00
Sound Card:Sound Blaster live platinium 5.1 $200.00
Mouse:Black IBM wireless $30.00
CD-rom:ACER 50x His old one
CD_RW:Sony $100.00
monitor:Black SCYPTER $369.00
Speakers:Klispch pro mediav.2-400 $249.99
video card:Vodoo 5 5500 $200.00
TOTAL: $1350.96