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Cheats and Tips


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This is the page where I will tell you cheats about ceartain games

Madden NFL 2001

These are cheats for Madden NFL 2001 submitted by killjoy.
Download the text file from the link below to get the full list with all the changes available.
If you enter the codes below at the secret codes option in the settings menu you will get the following results:

CODE Result

Lionpower '57 Lions
Goldrush '57 49ers
Jollygreen '58 Giants
Stables '58 Colts
Greenwings '60 Eagles
Getem '62 Texans
Therewasaman '62 Oilers
Megiveyou '66 Chiefs
Champs '66 Packers
Whoshotjr '66 Cowboys
Blitzer '67 Rams
Snowplow '67 Packers
Tundra '67 Cowboys
Heidi '68 Raiders
Shocker '68 Colts
Tvtimeout '68 Jets
Nofluke '69 Chiefs
Allfluke '69 Vikings
MNF '70 Browns
Damnyankees '70 Jets
Peopleeater '70 Vikings
Overtime '71 Cheifs
Longestgame '71 Dolphins
Stars '71 Cowboys
Lucky '72 Steelers
Perfect '72 Dolphins
Airshow '72 Colts
Defenders '74 Dolphins
Struggle '74 Raiders
Steelcurtain '74 Steelers
Tark '74 Vikings
Miracleleap '75 Steelers
Purple '75 Vikings
Hailmary '75 Cowboys
Ghosttothepost '77 Colts
Usateam '77 Cowboys
Theghost '77 Raiders
Recordnight '78 Cowboys
Cannedtuna '78 Dolphins
Dynasty '78 Steelers
Holy '78 Raiders
Roller '78 Chargers
Earl '78 Oilers
Comeback '79 Cowboys
Pirates '79 Bucaneers
Aheadatthehalf '79 Redskins

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Grand Theft Auto 2

Enter any of the following "Names" as your player's name. For some codes, you must enter GOURANGA first for them to work, while others, you can't enter GOURANGA at all for them to work. Also, some codes will only work on the US or

UK versions:Name Effect
yakuzadeath God Mode
rsjabber God Mode
livelong God Mode
blastboy All Weapons
navarone All Weapons
losefeds No Police
desires Max Wanted Level
highfive 5x Multiplier
segarulz 10x Multiplier
bigscore 10 Million Points
beefcake Increased Brutality
gorefest Increased Gore
iamasucker All Levels, Weapons, and God Mode
coolboy Increased Cash
muchcash $500,000
forallgt All Weapons
godofgta All Weapons and Ammo
bemeall All Cities
ukgamer All Cities
elvis is here No Police
meatman Hamster Runs Across Screen
itsallup Level Select
no frills Debug Basic Scripts
eatsoup Free Shopping
wuggles Display Coordinates
tumyfrog All Bonus Levels
cutie1 99 Lives
buckfast Riot Mode
hunsrus Invisibility
arsestar Keep All Weapons after Begin Arrested
voltfest Unlimited Electrogun
flameon Unlimited Flamethrower
lasvegas Elvis Clan People
nekkid Naked People
danisgod $200,000
iamdavej $9 Million
mademan Respect from 3 Gangs