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Microsoft's X-Box


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This page is dedicated to the X-Box and only to the X-Box

Personall Thoughts

I personally think that the X-Box is exactly what Microsoft needed to come out with. Am I going to buy my own X-Box? Why wouldn't I. I also think that the X-Box is going to out-do all of the other systems that come out after it.

X-Box Game Publishers:

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Activision, Inc.
Codemasters Software Company Ltd.
Crave Entertainment, Inc.
Eidos interactive Ltd
Electronic Arts
Fox Interactive
Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Midway Home Entertainment Inc.
Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Ubi Soft Entertainment

Affiliate Developers

Lionhead Satellites - Big Blue Box Studios
Stormfront Studios
Kodiak Interactive Software Studios, Inc.
Totally Games
Universal Interactive Studios
Rainbow Studios
Artificial Mind + Movement
Boss Game Studios
Climax Development, Ltd.
Digital Illusions
High Voltage Software
KnowWonder Digital Media Works
Meyer/Glass Interactive
Pipeworks Software, Inc.
Pseudo Interactive, Inc.
Tremor Entertainment
VR-1 Entertainment

X-Box Specifications

Cpu: 733MHz

Graphics Processor: 250MHz custom-designed chip, developed by Microsoft and nVidia

Total Memory: 64MB

Memory Bandwith: 6.4GB/sec

Polygon Performance: 125 M/sec

Simultaneous Textures: 4

Pixel Fill Rate: 4.0 G/sec

Compressed Textures: Yes(6:1)

Storage Medium: 2-5x DVD, Hard disk 8GB, 8MB Memory card

I/O: Game controller x4 Ethernet (10/100)

Audio Channels: 256

3D Audio Support in Hardware: Yes (64 3D channels)

MIDI+DLS Support: Yes

Hardware audio filtering and EQ: Yes

Broadband enabled: Yes

DVD Movie playback: Remote control accessory required

HDTV Movie support: Yes

HDTV Game Support: Yes

Maximum resolution: 1920x1080

US Launch Date: Fall 2001

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